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Il Ronchetto owes its name to the fenced lawn leaning against the house.
The simple and rural construction and its intimate position make it a place of peace and relaxation, despite being surrounded by the houses of the village. Already in the Teresian Land Registry of the end of the 18th century there is evidence of the construction, which over the centuries has undergone changes and modernizations, while remaining faithful to its origins as a peasant house.
The house has belonged to our family for five generations.
Half of the building was owned by the Bianchi family, the other half was bought by the Meroni family.
It was then united with the marriage of Elena Bianchi to Costantino Meroni.


We think that houses must be up to dates but also keep their inner soul and a story to be told. From this principle we started with the renovation.

We kept the original structure and the peculiarities of the house as much as possible. The crooked walls, the stones of the stairs, the original wooden doors and characteristic architectural elements have undergone a careful and meticulous restoration to return to their former glory.

For the modernization we have pursued the objectives of eco-sustainability, low environmental impact and well-being for those who stay there.
The materials used for the great works and for the details of each apartment were chosen taking this into account:
lime mortars without chemical compounds, naturally treated wood, breathable insulation, certified flooring and lime paints as they once were.

Anything that could be harmful to health has been banned.

Also  the energy aspect was treated aiming at maximum efficiency. The photovoltaic roof, the heat pump for heating, an 18 cm insulating coat and high-performance windows have made it possible to achieve an energy class that is difficult to reach in renovations.

Three of the apartments at Ronchetto are in class A2 and two are in class A3, an excellent result.
Energetically speaking, the house is almost autonomous.



For the furnishings we wanted to share the story of our family with our guests.

In each apartment, you can find traces of family memories through objects that tell the centennial history of this house, whether it is the great-grandfather's chair or a small object that belonged to some grandfather.

Entering the apartments you feel the warmth of the history of the furnishings, unique pieces which have been given new life by the young and skilled hands of the grandchildren.

The presence of wood is constant, ancient or modern, restored or raw.

Many furnishing elements are self-produced with native wood, coming from our woods, giving space to creativity and making every detail functional.

Another principle we wanted to keep faith is that of Made in Italy and quality.

From work experience we know that Made in Italy is synonymous with quality and good taste, tradition and innovation.
For the important things we therefore relied on the skill of Italian entrepreneurship, thinking that on holiday, good food and a good sleep are the fundamental things, we have paid particular attention to the kitchens and bedrooms by choosing Italian companies.

Then, during the spring of 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 epidemic, with the Italian economy brought to its knees by this virus, we decided to do our part, albeit a small one, to support our country.

For the kitchens we have chosen Creo Kitchens furniture, Lube Group, internationally certified for quality, performance and product safety.

All the structures are made with components that comply with the most rigorous standards in terms of emissions of volatile compounds emitted by furniture, surfaces and paint. This means guaranteeing guests kitchens designed and conceived to help improve the quality of the stay.

For the beds and mattresses we have relied on Dorelan, a Romagna company that boasts the best certifications in the sector both in terms of product and production.

The company is certified by the Bureau Veritas body for the optimal hygienic conditions of Dorelan products, guaranteed in all phases of the production cycle, is ISO 9001 certified for the quality of the entire production system and, in compliance with European directives, adopts for its environmental strategy the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), an internationally recognized technique regulated by the ISO 1404-14044 standards which allows the environmental performance of products to be correctly assessed and communicated.

All the products we have chosen for your stays are Oeko-tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified.
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX is an independent control and certification system for the textile sector  which is based on the extensive and strict monitoring of hundreds of individual substances to ensure high and effective product safety for both humans and the environment.

Dorelan products that have obtained the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certification are registered in Class I, the same in which items for babies and small children up to 3 years are classified.

Furthermore, Dorelan mattresses have obtained the Ergonomic Certification was obtained in accordance with the Disciplinary and Technical Specifications of the Certification Body for Ergonomics and the guarantee on duration, load curve and deformation.

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