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the garden

Closed on all four sides and close to the house, a ronchetto in fact, it is the green lung and oasis of relaxation.
Lawn care has always been the passion of the men of the family who took care of it constantly throughout the year. It has always been a daily ritual that took on the characteristic of anti-stress.

Each generation has contributed with personal tastes: great-grandparents with fruit plants, grandparents with pear plants, parents with the planting of narcissus bulbs.

the cave

It is an exact copy of the Grotto of Lourdes (FR) and was erected in 1950 by Elena and Costantino Meroni to fulfill a vow made to Our Lady of Lourdes.
During the Second World War (1943-1945) their only son Luigi was deported to a labor camp in Germany. Their unwavering faith always made them hope to see him return home alive. Their prayers were answered and then they kept their promise. It has always been a point of reference for the village and in our family there is no important occasion that is not sealed in front of what we familiarly call "la grotta".

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